Friday, September 7, 2018

Get More than 50,000 Visitors to Your Blog in the Every Month

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If you want to get more than 50,000 visitors to your website every month just follow my trick and get your expected visitor on your website. This method or trick is not very easy, you have to do hard work for this gain. Many people who create a website but don’t get the visitor on his website. Because when you create a website you need to do complete some proses in your website and create advertising. Advertising will be free or paid, that you want. Ok let’s go for learn 

1. Create 100% Unique Post: Always create a unique and helpful post, so that your visitor stay some time on your website and share your website. When visitor like your website and stay some time in your website then you will get some advantage such as Google to raise your website in search engine. 

2. Share on Facebook: Now you have to create 5 to 10 Facebook account and complete profile. After one month you can join the Facebook group. From per account You must join more than 100 group and create a page about your topics. Now you can share your post on your page and group.

Follow bellow on the picture.

 3. Share on Twitter: Create 5 to 10 Twitter account and follow every day 50 to 100 people. After one month you can post 10 to 20 article. When you want to post on twitter use some # tag about your topic, Such like as #make money online. If you share health trips you can use #health #medical # etc.

 4. Forum Posting: Forum posting is very important for your blog or website.     Forum means one kind of website that’s help people to know or learn some think. Suppose you don’t know about any subject then you can want help by posting about your problems details. You will get two kinds of feedback by using forum posting. One you will get lots of visits from a forum post. Two It creates a backlink for your website. You know what is the backlink? Backlink means when you past forum with your website link that call backlink. If you create so many backlinks by posting on a forum, Google rises your website on search engine. Visit here for more information. If you need any help please comment. I shall try to help you.

5. Submit a comment on another website: Visit some website that related your tropic and read this website carefully and submits your comment about that article with share your link. Such like as your website is health related so you search on Google using this keyword Health trips or any kind of keyword about health as like as how to remove fat etc. Now visit a website and place a nice comment with your website link. When someone visits that website and see your comment if your is very nice then he will visit your site.

If you need any help comment please. I shall try to help you and if you like this video please share on facebook, twitter, and other social media. Thanks for visiting my website.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How to earn$20 to 50$ everyday from blogging

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Hello, guys today I will tell you, how to earn money from blogging. If you expert any subject, such like as if you are a doctor, you can blogging about Health trips and If you are a story writer you can blog about a new story. Follow some step and Earn money from Blogging.

1. Create a Website: First, you have to need a website, If you don’t have a website, You can create a website for free. If you want to create a website just click here.
2. Select your subject: What subject you want to share by blogging, You have to select it. Such like as Money Making, Entertainment, Health trips, It related Idea etc.
3. Write an Article: Write an article about your subject. Must be written such type of article that helpful or people and reader. Don’t write the complex article. Always write a simple article, so that people understand your think.
4. Create a post in the website: Now create a post in your website with an attractive title. Use at list One picture in your post. Shall try to create a post more than 300  words and create more than 20 post

5. Share post: When you make a post, you have to share the post in social media, such like as Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter and other social media site. Share your link in the forum site.

6. Connect Google AdSense: Now you have to sign up Google AdSense and connect with your website. If you create your website with then it will be easier. Just go to your website and click Earning and then you will see Google AdSense signup option. Just Sign up give your hole details.
 It’s very easy to earn money online. If you don’t understand anything just comment, please. I shall try to help you.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

How to create a website for free

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Today I will discuss how to create a website totally free. There are many way you can make it. Many types of providers provide free website service. But I think the best provider is goole Ok so now go to your browser and type and submit entries.

Now click on create your Blog

Enter your Gmail and click on next and enter your password.

Now click on Continue to Bloger

Give the name your bloge or wbsite title and also give your website address in Address bar.

If you see a message " Sorry, this blog address is not available." don't worry just change the address again and again until its show you This blog address is available. and then you have to select a theme. 

Now click on create a Blog.
Now you have to create some Pages .just  Click the page, give the name of pages just like About, Contact and any other pages. You have to create three pages 1. About, 2.Privesy and police, 3. Terms and conditions etc.
After completing the pages, Now click on Layout and click on Add Gadget, now you see some apps just go below and click the plus button on the
apps. Now just Drag and drop to change ordering or pages list.
Now go to the theme menu. Go down and select your best theme. If you want another theme to use. Go to Google search engine and write “ free blogger template” select your them. Download your theme, Your downloaded file will be a zip file. You have to extract this file. If you don’t have zip file extractor apk .Just download and install this app and extract the file.
Now click on right corner “Backup/Restore” and select “chose your file from the desktop” and click update just done.  

Saturday, September 1, 2018

How To Earn $10 to $25 By Sharing Links

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Today I will tell you, How to earn money by sharing links. Just read the whole article and follow all instruction.
If you have a facebook page, twitter, What’s app  and you have so many followers you can earn money by sharing the link. But if you don’t have the Facebook page or twitter and so many followers, don’t worry you can also make money by sharing the link. Ok, let’s go.
First, you have to sign up one or two link shortener website. I suggest you tow most popular website 1. but if you want you can also sign up more website.

Second, now you have to need 4 or 5 Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account and join the Facebook Group and Google+  Communities.

Witch type of group you joined: You Have to decide, what type of information you want to share. If you want to share Funny videos, You should join funny videos related groups.

How to create a short link: If you want to share Youtube videos, just go to and select your videos. After selecting your videos, Just copy your videos URL (when you play the videos then copy the URL from link bar or just right click the mouse and select copy video URL). Now login your shortener website then you will get a box just past your URL in this box and submit the shortener button.
If you want to share news or magazine, you have to go to the news website and that link you want to share just copy that link and past link shortener website.
How to share a short link:

When you get a short link from link shortener copy the short link. If you want to share on Facebook, You have to use website’s link otherwise you don’t share another short link. Copy that short Link and go to the facebook group and share this link. But if you want to share on Twitter, You have to use website’s short link.

Method-2: If you want you can share your link this method. Create a blog site and then submit your short link in your blog post. And you can easily share your blog link any social website.

If you need any help, submit your comment

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to earn $2 to $4 Everyday from social media Like, Comment, Share, Follow, Watch videos

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Hello  my dear friends, Today I will guide you how to earn money very simple way just social media like, comment, share, and watch videos. I will tell you about two website they will pay you for facebook, twitter, youtube and more other social media like, comment, share and youtube videos watch. Just follow the instruction below.
1.Follofast:  Followfast is very famous and  popular to earn money with social media Like, Comment, share.

Why they will pay you?

If anybody need Facebook or twitter like but he has no too much follower then this people buy Facebook  like from this type of website . After getting order website owner distribute this task among all member who complete this like, comment he get some point. Point means money when you gain more point then you can convert to money or doller.

How to sign up: Signup method is very simple just go to the website and click on sign up and then submit your Name, Email and other information. After submit sign up button then you will get a confirmation mail just click confirmation link sign up done

How to Earn:

  • ·        First login your account and now also login your social media account. If you     want to do Facebook Like, Share you need to login Facebook account. You need to login witch social media you select for work.
  • ·        Connect your social media account with Followfast account. Now you can think how to connect social media account with Follow fast account. It’s very easy suppose you click Facebook like you will see a message connect your Facebook account then you just go your Facebook account and click Facebook profile ,Copy your user name from link bar and then past the username in followfast account and submit . After submit if you see successful message then you are done.
  • ·        If you have no idea about facebook user name don’t worry just follow this step . Go facebook profile, Click  Profile , Copy your profile link and remove Suppose your facebook Profile link is or then your username will be kabir6745 or485646434?12.

2.Likesplanet: Likesplanet as like as Followfast. Sign up process and earning method are same so don’t worry just go to the link and creat a account and start your earning.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

how to earn $5 everyday from

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Today I will discuss about Rapidworker. This website is very famus for small task or micro jobs. You can make 3$ to 5$ USD everyday by completing some simple task. This is very trusted website. If you want to make money from online you can try this website. I hope you can make money from online very easily. Now I discuss how to earn $5 everyday from Rapidworker.

What is Rapidworkers?

Rapidworker is one kind of micro jobs provide website and about connecting people who need something done fast by people.

How many acount I can creat?

Per one pc allow only one account, If you sign up more than one, you will be suspended from rapidworkers.

How to sign up in Rapidworker?

you can sign up in this website from any country and sign up method is same like other micro jobs website.

Jobs type: Many minds of jobs are available here such like as social media like, comment, share, website signup, website visit and complete offer.

How to complete jobs in Rapidworkers?

Very easy just select witch one you can do and then click that jobs. Now read the jobs instruction and complete the jobs.

Payment :when you reach $8 then you can place your withdrawal request.

Payment Method: Paypal and 6% processing fee.

If you want to post any jobs in rapidworker you can do it and use your same account. Just deposit money your account by using master card or paypal.  But if your account balance is more than $2 than you can use this money.

Conclusion: I discuss about this  micro jobs website   very  shortly, because I explain before another micro jobs website and are all micro jobs website almost same. So I hope if you miss any information from this post go to another post about micro jobs you will get solution. After that if you have a question but you didn’t find my website just comment or contact please I shall try to help you.l 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How to earn money from

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Today I will discuss about Picoworker. This is micro jobs website. It’s very new but they have gain most popularity within very short time. Picoworker is 100% genuine micro jobs site. You can earn money without any doubt. You can make 3$ to 5$ USD  everyday just complete some simple step. Just read this article and learn how to earn money from Picoworkers.

What is picoworker?
Picoworker is such type of online market place that connect Freelancer all over the world with customer. Customer means who need other people to help them to support their online/offline business come to picoworker. Here they can post some small task and hire any people who want to make money by doing some simple jobs.
We see there are two kind of people Employers and workers.
Employers:Employers are people who post jobs and getting task done.

Workers:Worker are people who enjoy doing small task and deliver task ,get paid
Point and levels: when you join this website you need to complete your profile. Upload profile picture and id card .when you verified your id you get point you get more point by doing task per task you get 1 point. when you collect more point then you get more task.

How to sign up on Picoworker:
Just go to then click on sign up complete a form and then submit sign up button .  After submitted the signup button, you have to need confirm your email, just done your signup.
Jobtype: There are many kind of task you get such like as
1. Social media Like, Comment, Share
2. Website sign up
3. Website visit
4. Complete Offer

How to complete a task?
1 .Just login your Picoworker account .
2. Then click small jobs menu.
3.This time you see some description about this jobs.
4. You follow this instruction.
5. They will give you a link and you need to go that link.
6. If this task a facebook task you have to need a facebook account.
7. Login your facebook account  then click the  link you get in jobs instruction
8. Now if they tell you give like you give like or they need share you must share and then provided a screenshot if they want, sometime they will tell you submit your profile url.
9.But if this task is a website signup then you need a email account and click the link from jobs description ,fill all information and submit signup button.
10. Now go to your email and click confirmation link

How to submit Your Jobs Proof?  
When you go to jobs description you will see Accept Jobs below in the page. Just click Accept Jobs and Submit Documents By jobs instruction  .

Payment: when you reach $5 then you can request for withdraw.

Payment Method: Many way you can place your withdraw such like as paypal, amazon gift card, Bitcoin, If your are form USA you get direct deposit in your bank account. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Top 10 Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Money

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Top 10 Micro Jobs Websites To Earn Money

Today i will tell you about top 10 micro jobs website. Micro jobs means small task that type of task you can do easily, such like as social media like, comment, share, website sign up, data entry and more other jobs. ok let,s start..

1. MicroWorkers:

Microworker is the  the best alternative of Mturk .Thousands of tasks ar on the market on a routine, most of that are associated with promoting websites.Task are not difficult, you can easily do this type of task. Most need entry-level information and skill.If you’re already victimization mTurk and creating cash from it, you won’t have any hassle on this web site.

Below ar some samples of the tasks on MicroWorkers:
1. Following somebody on twitter
2. Rating YouTube videos
3. Creating a Gmail account
4. Testing a website’s sign in method.
4. Uploading videos on specific video sites.
and so on…

PaymentYou can get you payment by using your paypal, skrill, payoneer and  bank-transfer.

If you want to withdraw using your paypal or skrill you have to need pin verification .

When you place your first withdraw then they will sent a pin your local address and you have to confirm this pin but if you choose  payoneer or bank-transfer then no need  to verification


Rapidworker is the best website for you if you want to make money by doing some small jobs. If you have no skill no problem you can do this type of jobs very easily. There are many kind of jobs Such like as:

1.Facebook like, comment and share.
2.Youtube subscribe, Like ,comment and share. signup and website visit.

It is almost like Microworkers   since most of the task in RapidWorkers are selling connected jobs that are geared toward serving to the sites of employers grow.

Payment: You can expect to be paid directly by PayPal once you reach the minimum payout of $8

3. Picworker:

picworker is a new microworker site but they are very popular now in wrker and task provider. And there are many easy work .Picoworker is one somewhat Crowd-sourching website . It’s look like other micro worker site .If you sign up here you get $1 usd bonus. You can use this bonus only for job post. 

You can see two kind of people here.

1. Employers: Who postjobs that’s called Employers. Employers post many kinds of jobs here such like as Sign up, Youtube Subscribe, Website visit and blog comment.

2. Workers: Workers means who want to make money by doing task. If you join as a worker you can make $2 usd every day .

As a worker you can make money from picoworker by doing some simple jobs such like as

1.Android/iOS Apps downloading and installing

2.Sign Up jobs

3.YouTube Subscribe/Comment

4. Sponsored Review

5. Search and Click Job

6. Facebook/Twitter likes

Payment: Pico worker pay you by Paypal, Amazon Giftcard, Bitcoin and more other service.

4. Workfromhometask: it's very new micro job's website that’s pays you for completing some simple task.You can register with them is completely free. Sign up proses is very simple just like other micro worker site,When you complete a registration you will get $0.10 bonus and if you refer any friend, You will get lifetime commission from your friend earning.

Task type: There are many kinds of jobs available here Such like as

1.facebook like, comment, Share

2.Youtube subscribe,share.

3. airdrops sign up etc.

Payment: You can withdraw your payment when you reach $1usd by Payza but if you want to withdraw your payment by paypal you need to reach at least $4usd.

5. Jobboy:Jobboy is another market place for microworker man . Who search microjobs . Two types of jobs are most available sing up and survey and you can get also some other kind of jobs. You can join from any country and you can easily do all kind of jobs .

 Payment: they will pay you by paypal and payza. When you reach $10 usd then you can place your withdraw

6. is another micro jobs site they also provide jobs look likeas a . But you have to need upgrade your account by using $5usd .

Payment: Minimum payout $5usd

Payment: Method: PayPal and Payza

7. Mturk:Amazom  Mechanical Turk it's short form is Mturk. It is part of the giant e-commerce company of Amazon. It’s provide online micro jobs with millions of user worldwide. More than 190 countries people work in this place. In this website you can see more than 60 thousand hit's hits means task.

There are two kind of people ---

1.Requester--Requester means who post jobs known as Hit's such like as
1.Image tagging
 2. choose best among several pictures 
3.Categorize questions
4.find address of someone
5.web recharge

2.Workers--Workers complete the jobs following the requester guideline and submit proof then requester check this task right or wrong .
If its ok then he approve this jobs then you get paid.

Payment methods: Amazon gift card or Amazon payment account and Direct deposit

8. ClickWorker:ClickWorker may be a terribly well-known web site, specially among the work on home crowd, chiefly as a result of it's been around for a minute.

After connection, you’ll have to be compelled to pass assessments for many job varieties on the market.

Assessments are available 2 types:

First is that the basic assessment that may valuate your skills like writing system, grammar, and foreign-language information. The other one is that the project assessment. The project assessment can teach you specific needs that you simply have to be compelled to meet once operating. Many kind of jobs you can do here as like as content writing, article writing, translation,
Transcriptions and Web recharge.

Make sure to require the assessments seriously as you’ll solely be allowed to browse and work on the roles once passing the assessments. this micro worker is some different from other micro worker site.
I means that task category is different such like as Categorization, Bounding box, Text Transcription.

Payment: Payapl

10. Samasource:It is a noncommercial organization that's being pass by Leila Janah.
Its very amazing website they want to remove poverty from all over the world and they will give you free training  and then you can make money from this site.

Samasource is truly associate degree innovative social business that connects girls and youth World Health Organization ar impoverished, permitting them to search out go through the net.

Samasource has in-country partners to assist them establish, similarly as recruit poor girls and youth World Health Organization ar creating but $3 every day on the average. These partners are accountable for serving to these unfortunate youth and ladies become Samasource staff, giving them the prospect to form a good pay.
Workers ar given 2 to four weeks of computer-based coaching to assist them inure small work comes, that aids them to become winning within the geographic point.
These Samasource staff ar given small work that come back from purchasers. this allows them to form a pay similarly as gain the required job skills needed to extend their period earnings. 

Conclusion: I hope if you work those website you will be success on money making online.