Wednesday, August 8, 2018

How to earn money from

Today I will discuss about Picoworker. This is micro jobs website. It’s very new but they have gain most popularity within very short time. Picoworker is 100% genuine micro jobs site. You can earn money without any doubt. You can make 3$ to 5$ USD  everyday just complete some simple step. Just read this article and learn how to earn money from Picoworkers.

What is picoworker?
Picoworker is such type of online market place that connect Freelancer all over the world with customer. Customer means who need other people to help them to support their online/offline business come to picoworker. Here they can post some small task and hire any people who want to make money by doing some simple jobs.
We see there are two kind of people Employers and workers.
Employers:Employers are people who post jobs and getting task done.

Workers:Worker are people who enjoy doing small task and deliver task ,get paid
Point and levels: when you join this website you need to complete your profile. Upload profile picture and id card .when you verified your id you get point you get more point by doing task per task you get 1 point. when you collect more point then you get more task.

How to sign up on Picoworker:
Just go to then click on sign up complete a form and then submit sign up button .  After submitted the signup button, you have to need confirm your email, just done your signup.
Jobtype: There are many kind of task you get such like as
1. Social media Like, Comment, Share
2. Website sign up
3. Website visit
4. Complete Offer

How to complete a task?
1 .Just login your Picoworker account .
2. Then click small jobs menu.
3.This time you see some description about this jobs.
4. You follow this instruction.
5. They will give you a link and you need to go that link.
6. If this task a facebook task you have to need a facebook account.
7. Login your facebook account  then click the  link you get in jobs instruction
8. Now if they tell you give like you give like or they need share you must share and then provided a screenshot if they want, sometime they will tell you submit your profile url.
9.But if this task is a website signup then you need a email account and click the link from jobs description ,fill all information and submit signup button.
10. Now go to your email and click confirmation link

How to submit Your Jobs Proof?  
When you go to jobs description you will see Accept Jobs below in the page. Just click Accept Jobs and Submit Documents By jobs instruction  .

Payment: when you reach $5 then you can request for withdraw.

Payment Method: Many way you can place your withdraw such like as paypal, amazon gift card, Bitcoin, If your are form USA you get direct deposit in your bank account. 

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