Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to earn $2 to $4 Everyday from social media Like, Comment, Share, Follow, Watch videos

Hello  my dear friends, Today I will guide you how to earn money very simple way just social media like, comment, share, and watch videos. I will tell you about two website they will pay you for facebook, twitter, youtube and more other social media like, comment, share and youtube videos watch. Just follow the instruction below.
1.Follofast:  Followfast is very famous and  popular to earn money with social media Like, Comment, share.

Why they will pay you?

If anybody need Facebook or twitter like but he has no too much follower then this people buy Facebook  like from this type of website . After getting order website owner distribute this task among all member who complete this like, comment he get some point. Point means money when you gain more point then you can convert to money or doller.

How to sign up: Signup method is very simple just go to the website and click on sign up and then submit your Name, Email and other information. After submit sign up button then you will get a confirmation mail just click confirmation link sign up done

How to Earn:

  • ·        First login your account and now also login your social media account. If you     want to do Facebook Like, Share you need to login Facebook account. You need to login witch social media you select for work.
  • ·        Connect your social media account with Followfast account. Now you can think how to connect social media account with Follow fast account. It’s very easy suppose you click Facebook like you will see a message connect your Facebook account then you just go your Facebook account and click Facebook profile ,Copy your user name from link bar and then past the username in followfast account and submit . After submit if you see successful message then you are done.
  • ·        If you have no idea about facebook user name don’t worry just follow this step . Go facebook profile, Click  Profile , Copy your profile link and remove Facebook.com/. Suppose your facebook Profile link is facebook.com/kabir6745 or facebook.com/485646434?12 then your username will be kabir6745 or485646434?12.

2.Likesplanet: Likesplanet as like as Followfast. Sign up process and earning method are same so don’t worry just go to the link and creat a account and start your earning.

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