Friday, September 7, 2018

Get More than 50,000 Visitors to Your Blog in the Every Month

If you want to get more than 50,000 visitors to your website every month just follow my trick and get your expected visitor on your website. This method or trick is not very easy, you have to do hard work for this gain. Many people who create a website but don’t get the visitor on his website. Because when you create a website you need to do complete some proses in your website and create advertising. Advertising will be free or paid, that you want. Ok let’s go for learn 

1. Create 100% Unique Post: Always create a unique and helpful post, so that your visitor stay some time on your website and share your website. When visitor like your website and stay some time in your website then you will get some advantage such as Google to raise your website in search engine. 

2. Share on Facebook: Now you have to create 5 to 10 Facebook account and complete profile. After one month you can join the Facebook group. From per account You must join more than 100 group and create a page about your topics. Now you can share your post on your page and group.

Follow bellow on the picture.

 3. Share on Twitter: Create 5 to 10 Twitter account and follow every day 50 to 100 people. After one month you can post 10 to 20 article. When you want to post on twitter use some # tag about your topic, Such like as #make money online. If you share health trips you can use #health #medical # etc.

 4. Forum Posting: Forum posting is very important for your blog or website.     Forum means one kind of website that’s help people to know or learn some think. Suppose you don’t know about any subject then you can want help by posting about your problems details. You will get two kinds of feedback by using forum posting. One you will get lots of visits from a forum post. Two It creates a backlink for your website. You know what is the backlink? Backlink means when you past forum with your website link that call backlink. If you create so many backlinks by posting on a forum, Google rises your website on search engine. Visit here for more information. If you need any help please comment. I shall try to help you.

5. Submit a comment on another website: Visit some website that related your tropic and read this website carefully and submits your comment about that article with share your link. Such like as your website is health related so you search on Google using this keyword Health trips or any kind of keyword about health as like as how to remove fat etc. Now visit a website and place a nice comment with your website link. When someone visits that website and see your comment if your is very nice then he will visit your site.

If you need any help comment please. I shall try to help you and if you like this video please share on facebook, twitter, and other social media. Thanks for visiting my website.

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