Sunday, September 2, 2018

How to create a website for free

Today I will discuss how to create a website totally free. There are many way you can make it. Many types of providers provide free website service. But I think the best provider is goole Ok so now go to your browser and type and submit entries.

Now click on create your Blog

Enter your Gmail and click on next and enter your password.

Now click on Continue to Bloger

Give the name your bloge or wbsite title and also give your website address in Address bar.

If you see a message " Sorry, this blog address is not available." don't worry just change the address again and again until its show you This blog address is available. and then you have to select a theme. 

Now click on create a Blog.
Now you have to create some Pages .just  Click the page, give the name of pages just like About, Contact and any other pages. You have to create three pages 1. About, 2.Privesy and police, 3. Terms and conditions etc.
After completing the pages, Now click on Layout and click on Add Gadget, now you see some apps just go below and click the plus button on the
apps. Now just Drag and drop to change ordering or pages list.
Now go to the theme menu. Go down and select your best theme. If you want another theme to use. Go to Google search engine and write “ free blogger template” select your them. Download your theme, Your downloaded file will be a zip file. You have to extract this file. If you don’t have zip file extractor apk .Just download and install this app and extract the file.
Now click on right corner “Backup/Restore” and select “chose your file from the desktop” and click update just done.  

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