Saturday, September 1, 2018

How To Earn $10 to $25 By Sharing Links

Today I will tell you, How to earn money by sharing links. Just read the whole article and follow all instruction.
If you have a facebook page, twitter, What’s app  and you have so many followers you can earn money by sharing the link. But if you don’t have the Facebook page or twitter and so many followers, don’t worry you can also make money by sharing the link. Ok, let’s go.
First, you have to sign up one or two link shortener website. I suggest you tow most popular website 1. but if you want you can also sign up more website.

Second, now you have to need 4 or 5 Facebook, Twitter, Google+ account and join the Facebook Group and Google+  Communities.

Witch type of group you joined: You Have to decide, what type of information you want to share. If you want to share Funny videos, You should join funny videos related groups.

How to create a short link: If you want to share Youtube videos, just go to and select your videos. After selecting your videos, Just copy your videos URL (when you play the videos then copy the URL from link bar or just right click the mouse and select copy video URL). Now login your shortener website then you will get a box just past your URL in this box and submit the shortener button.
If you want to share news or magazine, you have to go to the news website and that link you want to share just copy that link and past link shortener website.
How to share a short link:

When you get a short link from link shortener copy the short link. If you want to share on Facebook, You have to use website’s link otherwise you don’t share another short link. Copy that short Link and go to the facebook group and share this link. But if you want to share on Twitter, You have to use website’s short link.

Method-2: If you want you can share your link this method. Create a blog site and then submit your short link in your blog post. And you can easily share your blog link any social website.

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