Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How to earn$20 to 50$ everyday from blogging

Hello, guys today I will tell you, how to earn money from blogging. If you expert any subject, such like as if you are a doctor, you can blogging about Health trips and If you are a story writer you can blog about a new story. Follow some step and Earn money from Blogging.

1. Create a Website: First, you have to need a website, If you don’t have a website, You can create a website for free. If you want to create a website just click here.
2. Select your subject: What subject you want to share by blogging, You have to select it. Such like as Money Making, Entertainment, Health trips, It related Idea etc.
3. Write an Article: Write an article about your subject. Must be written such type of article that helpful or people and reader. Don’t write the complex article. Always write a simple article, so that people understand your think.
4. Create a post in the website: Now create a post in your website with an attractive title. Use at list One picture in your post. Shall try to create a post more than 300  words and create more than 20 post

5. Share post: When you make a post, you have to share the post in social media, such like as Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter and other social media site. Share your link in the forum site.

6. Connect Google AdSense: Now you have to sign up Google AdSense and connect with your website. If you create your website with blogsopt.com then it will be easier. Just go to your website and click Earning and then you will see Google AdSense signup option. Just Sign up give your hole details.
 It’s very easy to earn money online. If you don’t understand anything just comment, please. I shall try to help you.

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